Vanquishing Impostor Syndrome in Digital Art

One day, a few months ago, I decided to try my hand at the visual arts.

Frustrated both with the failure of literary NFTs to gain a foothold, and also with the delayed revealing of my latest purchased AI NFT, I decided to look into the tech underlying these magical…

Quite literally

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. When I heard that a Japanese billionaire had bought up all of the civilian tickets on Elon Musk’s first Moon trip, and was offering them for free to eight creative types around the world, I just had to grab a slice.

Of course the main creativity…

Now featuring real news!

It’s been too long…

Yes, I know I promised not to stuff your inboxes, but I’ve still been a little bit lax to let the months roll by without so much as a peep.

I’ve throttled back on my own writing for various reasons, including getting busy with other things and feeling that I’d…

Full Novel


The counsellors surprise me when they come out of their respective lifts. Damon Runyon I can understand after just a moment’s thought. A writer, just as I’ve always wanted to be. I like his perpetual present tense style of writing and the persona of his narrator. Someone who is never…

Mark Kelly

Writing about family, trading, spirituality and popular culture. Speculating in my fiction and investments. Made more mistakes than I’m admitting here.

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