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So, Timothy. You know I admire your writing. I try not to let any post by you slip by me unread. And I’m more or less piecing together what I take to be your world view. But it’s left me with some questions, which I’d appreciate you clarifying for me. And remember, it’s fine to say “I don’t know”. None of us has all of the pieces of the jigsaw in place just yet.

First up, are the lizards a real thing? They are probably the only point where I recoil and say “No, this can’t be”. Maybe because of lack of experience, or maybe because I remember the lizard people of the TV series V back in the day. Are you saying you’ve seen them, they’ve talked to you, or are they a creative construct to convey some underlying truth?

And are there really fourth-dimensional beings raping and torturing Earthlings? I have no evidence one way or another, but I do know that human evil is sufficient to explain all disappearances and harm done to other humans. For that matter, is “the demon made me do it” ever an excuse to avoid saying “I was so far adrift that I did this to myself”?

The most important question relates to the initial separation from the Source. Do you have any insight into why that happened or how it seemed like a good idea. In another response you’ve told me it’s to rescue others trapped in the dark, but I’m wondering why the initial separation ever took place. Curiosity and boredom don’t quite cut it for me.

Come to that, why is there a perpetual struggle between Dark and Light, with all of the anguish it brings with it. Couldn’t the Light extinguish the Darkness in the blink of an eye, and wouldn’t that be a more satisfactory and speedy outcome?

Not asking too much, am I? Just lay out the meaning of Life and what it means for our daily struggles, the topics which have exercised the minds of the greatest philosophers and theologians for time immemorial. And preferably in under a three minute chunk, so as not to overtax the reading public.

Hey, Mark. Thanks for the thoughtful questions.

Yes, the Lizzies (as one channeled source liked to call them to dispel fear and increase personal empowerment) are very real. Since they operate at a higher vibrational density than we do they are actually more real than we are. To them, we look like cartoons. I have semi-regular contact with them in dream states. And yes, I have seen one while I was awake and in full possession of my wits. It was as terrifying and confusing and fascinating as you might imagine. I was a disbeliever my entire life. I thought it was the stereotypical conspiracy theory trope and I liked to poke fun at it whenever I got the chance. But I am a man with an open mind and I change my beliefs based on where the evidence takes me and the evidence has taken me here. Negative Reptilian entities have a malevolent influence on Earthly affairs and have been instrumental in scripting many dark episodes in humanity’s collective dark night of the soul, which stretches back many thousands of years. They are thugs, bullies, rapists, murderers and psychopaths who view us as their property.

Demons are real. They are not myths or symbols or merely what uneducated indigenous people use to refer to schizophrenics and epileptics. They are a real phenomenon and I have had extensive experience with them. They are crafty and they are cunning and they despise humanity. They are predators and they are parasites. They feed on blood and misery. Just like the parasite that infects mice and leads them to cats against their own self interest because the parasite reproduces inside a cat’s belly, so too will a demon lead a person into dark places against their own self interest in order to feed. I have experienced both partial and full possession, I have listened to myself speak languages that I don’t know. I have hovered far behind my eyes as the demon took my body for a joyride. Having a partial possession has been the most traumatic experience of a very traumatic life, because when the demon comes surging through it feels like a sexual violation of your body and spirit.

As to the initial separation, it is impossible to know, or to explain in language, but I believe that the infinite One had to gain self awareness. It needed a mirror into which it could look and see itself and say I AM. That’s why it shattered itself into an infinite number of living divine mirrors all reflecting the I AM presence back at each other. It started with the original question of basic consciousness, then a merciful giving of itself to form a mirror in which it could be seen and known and loved, then a desire to share that love infinitely and a desire to know all of itself, totally and completely. And this process of becoming is ongoing and eternal.

There must be balance between Light and Dark for our universe to exist. Other realities use other constructs but ours is polarized and we need a balanced polarization. But not all areas of the universe are equally polarized, just the whole. That’s why earth is darker, while other systems are lighter. But that is slowly beginning to shift as we come into a new age. And this polarization opens the gateway to new possibilities for growth. Souls get to choose between negative and positive polarities and both fuel their soul growth, though all will have to come to the Light eventually. The Light can’t snuff out the Dark. The last time the Light encountered the Dark in battle in ancient Egypt they were defeated and forced to retreat. Now they have come prepared and with reinforcements and the war being waged is going in the Light’s favor. Let us hope that continues to be true.

Thanks for reading! You can check out Timothy’s questions to me at Grab a Slice!




Writing about family, trading, spirituality and popular culture. Speculating in my fiction and investments. Made more mistakes than I’m admitting here.

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Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly

Writing about family, trading, spirituality and popular culture. Speculating in my fiction and investments. Made more mistakes than I’m admitting here.

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